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Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants. It is the creed of slaves.

William Pitt

Your paper was patriotic Brett.

However, your patriotism is for a nation that no longer exists. Our forefathers would not have us go all over the world policing other countries with our sons and daughters, for private corporate interests as we do now.

These attacks, and the actions prior and after, on the US are determined by people who could care less about any nations sovereignty. If we were saints and they attacked our Embassies we probably would react as you say we should. And if it was so, I would agree...but what we have is a conspiracy of such magnitude, no one can possibly believe the size.

The US Constitution is not respected, nor are the borders of other as well. SO, we are currently just an imperialist military might that goes everywhere we should not be-and raise death upon folks. This can be seen as 'Blow Back' or as part of the entire plan. Those that rule divide us this way and get everyone to Kill each other just as they want.

No Arab Spring, just insurgent destabilization planned and orchestrated to take out old regime leaders and take over with Controlled radicals to do their bidding, such as all the stuff that is happening these last few days, yes planned and executed by two (2) different worlds; one world too ignorant to know she is working for the other.

The International bankers who are working on worldwide destabilization create enemies where they need them, so we will swallow the bait. Just like all those materials of mass destruction in Iraq (WMD). All manipulative lies, which to be believable to the masses people, must die, usually innocents. It's all to progress that one world everything, and create cattle out of humans worldwide.

Muslims are used to this, because they've already have been brain-washed into listening to their leaders which serve them the same way our bankers run Wall Street.

Remember, this president was given the Nobel Peace Prize with two (2) open wars ...ALL LIES! They want to rule through Chaos, and they do because we believe their lies.

The muslims think they are doing it for one reason, and one reason was given for them to bite on,
and then there is the other reasoning which is how the Rulers of this world benefit. ALL LIES!

Thesis  _____ Anti-thesis _____ Synthesis.

That's the plan, and we are seeing it in action. They want that Holy War. All that really matters anyway is God's Plan, not Satan's boys stirring up as much trouble worldwide as possible. Countries do not really exist anymore. It's the banks that they owe and their economies which run the show, because we all went to sleep after WW2.

Here are the results of carefully planned Chaos moving right along. No one questions them; much less the muslims...we are all being plunged into the inevitable.

Remember what The Chef said, "Never Fight for a Flag."

The Country we loved, everything it and what it stood for is pretty much dead. And no American noticed in general...

In the End Yeshua will do Justice, that's what really matters. Even though I agree with you, if we where the USA of say 1880 was, then I would be right behind you, but it's this pseudo-thing called the United States which is now a mere fantasy that its own citizens do not even know, or what that is supposed to even mean. They've all become Socialist drones, moldable, like putty for the lack of their knowledge.

His people are destroyed for lack of knowledge and we are watching it happen. Blessed indeed to understand the scope and why the symptoms occurred.

Yes, it was a Patriotic paper. Yet, it's for a nation that I believe is gone already, which is why I cannot wait to see us in another, the leaders could care less about our Flag or what it stands for, they are all muslims and manipulators themselves...

Shalom! And Praise and Glory to Yehovah, HE wins! The rest is just the Show of and for the loser.

You're a Patriot and that's obvious, but your country is not breathing, a usurper thing has been substituted for it and has taken its symbols and replaced them with new ones without any depth in's just card board, like Las Vegas...LIES, now it is Babylon. Not worth being patriotic for her. Leave her my children and avoid her plagues...

UNFORTUNATELY, I also am a patriot for a lost nation. It is time to start anew on our land somewhere where they still allow you to think.

God's Speed!

Political interest [can] never be separated in the long run from moral right.
Thomas Jefferson

This is the kind of people our government supports. We do not need this in the USA.

If you enjoy this type of savage behavior, convert to Islam, wish for Sharia Law.

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